Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Lost Series 4 Episode 8 - Meet Kevin Johnson

We meet the mysterious Kevin Johnson in this aptly named episode of Lost – ‘Meet Kevin Johnson’!

Infact it’s a story we’ve been waiting for since the end of series 2 – what had happened to Michael, after he and Walt left the Island. For those of you not up to speed – Kevin Johnson is Michael and he is working on board the freighter which Sayid and Desmond are on! At the start of this episode, Sayid corners Michael and angrily insists that he should tell him why he’s there.

It turns out Michael told his son all about his killing of Ana Lucia and Libby and the boy now lives with Michael’s mum. Utterly depressed, Michael tries to kill himself – twice! It’s when he’s about to shoot himself, in a dark alley of all places, that a face from the past shows up – it’s Tom from the Island!

Later, we are ‘treated’ to a scene in Tom’s hotel room, with his boyfriend, yep – he’s bent as a sixty pound note! Anyway, Tom explains to Michael that the Island ‘won’t allow him to die, until he completes his task’. I know it sounds ridiculous but I kept watching and was treated to a great story!

Michael is told all about Charles Widmore and his faking of the Oceanic plane wreck. The plan is for him to infiltrate the boat and gather information on all the crew members. That’s until he receives a call from Walt, whilst on the boat – except it’s from Ben! Ben tells him to continue to gather information for him and then kill the crew, one by one. Michael is reluctant but when he spots the boat mercenary, Keamy, pissing about with machine guns – he knows something isn’t right…

The story isn’t good enough for Sayid, who immediately shops him to the Captain. With the Captain having a fetish for beating people up – I can’t see Michael coming out of this very well!

Meanwhile, on the Island, Ben tells everyone at the barracks about the people who are after him and lets them know that they will kill everyone on the Island. Locke takes him at his word and starts setting up defences, whilst Ben tells his fake-daughter, Alex, to go with her real-mother and her boyfriend Karl, to a safe place where the Others are. However on the way, snipers kill Karl and then Rousseau. Alex sees no choice but to surrender and admit she’s the daughter of Ben. But who are the mysterious gunmen? Is this a plan by Ben, to get his daughter back? We shall see.

Overall, it was a good episode that finally told us the story about Michael’s departure and it was satisfactory enough. Although I’m not sure how the Island can stop you from killing yourself, I do hope this is explained! I was very impressed by Harold Perrineau’s (Michael) performance. I though his acting, especially with all the emotional scenes, was absolute quality.

I was also shocked to see Danielle and to some extent, Karl being killed off in such quick fashion. Although it’s great to see that Lost aren’t afraid to swing the axe, or sniper rifle if you prefer!


Next Time – Its bets at the ready as Vincent as a no-holes-barred fight with the ‘Smoke Monster’!

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