Friday, 30 January 2009

Lost Series 4 Episode 10 - Something Nice Back Home

Things are starting to come together for our ‘Lost-ies’ as they dream of ‘Something Nice Back Home’ and its far from nice, believe me!

Not that this is a bad episode, it chugs along nicely but what it revealed, had me thinking that the writers had bowed to ‘fan power’. Yes – Jack and Kate are together in the flash-forwards. Okay, this isn’t permanent but it was always very predictable and so I was a little bit disappointed by it. Not that I’m against the relationship in any way, I just thought that the tension in the Jack-Kate-Sawyer love triangle was building up nicely and would have been better if it carried on for a while. But as we now know, Sawyer isn’t part of the ‘Oceanic 6’, so Kate’s choice is obvious!

Back on the beach and Jack has somehow contracted appendicitis and Juliet insists that she operates. She is helped out by the morse code-reading dentist Bernard, who is used to handing out anaesthetics. However, with no bat to whack him on the head with – he uses chloroform instead! Kate’s also present, at Jack request and we could be seeing the beginning of the relationship, we saw in the flash-forwards.

Earlier, Sun, Jin, Daniel and Charlotte went to get medical supplies from one of the DHARMA stations and after spotting that Charlotte could understand Korean, Jin takes her to one side and threatens to hurt Daniel if the pair continue to lie about why they are there and if they don’t get Sun off the Island.

Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles are on the way back to the beach from Locke’s camp but its not long before Miles, the expert when it comes to dead people, discovers the partially-buried bodies of Danielle and Karl. But what I want to know is – who buried them? I can’t see those snipers doing it and seeing as they took Alex away, she didn’t have an opportunity either.

Later, Sawyer’s over-protectiveness of Claire and Aaron would boil to the surface as they run into a flustered Frank, who instructs the adult trio to hide, has he has brought Keamy and what’s left of his team back to Island. After a rather anxious moment, they get away with it as Keamy troops away. Relieved, they make camp but Claire takes off in the night as she apparently spots her deceased father, Christian Sheppard and follows him, leaving Aaron with Sawyer and Miles. Is Jack and Claire’s father still alive after all? I do hope the writers know what their doing!

Back to the flash-forwards and more dead people pop up, sort of. As Hurley, locked up in the mental hospital, tells Jack that Charlie told him to tell Jack that he’s not supposed to raise Aaron as his own. However, Hurley isn’t taking his medication, so Jack dismisses this but Hurley gives him another message from Charlie – he’ll receive a visit from someone he knows. That someone turns out to be his Dad, who he sees twice. Jack thinks he’s hallucinating and asks a colleague to prescribe him some medication. I bet this is the start of Jack addiction to pills that we have seen in previous flash-forwards.

Later, Jack returns home and overhears Kate having a rather secretive phone call. After originally lying to him, she admits that she is doing an errand for Sawyer. Jack seems angry telling her that it was ‘his choice to stay on the Island’ and blurts out that she and Aaron aren’t related – just as the little lad is standing in the doorway…

It was yet another informative episode that has started tying up those many loose ends. We are still in the dark about the futures of the rest of the survivors but hopefully they’ll survive in one way or another! The tension is being built up, slowly but surely, as we start to come to the end of the 4th series.


Next Time: Locke, Hurley and Ben get lost in the jungle but they stop at the local Starbucks ™ and ask for directions!

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