Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Lost Series 4 Episode 4 - Eggtown

The identities of the ‘Oceanic 6’ are now taking shape as we learn that young Aaron is the latest survivor. The young lad has been ‘adopted’ by Kate, who now calls him her ‘son’. However it seems that all the survivors, we have already seen (Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Kate), have a dark secret they are hiding and Ben is, probably, at the centre of it. Precisely what has happened to Aaron’s real mother, Claire, is still a mystery!

Back in the present and Locke is still keeping Miles and Ben locked up. After Ben winds him up, it seems that Locke is losing it. Meanwhile, Kate is told by Miles that he can tell her ‘who exactly she is’, if only she could get him to have a chat with Ben, the man who he’s after. Miles tells Ben that he wants $3.2 million to tell his boss that he’s dead. But why does he want that exact number?

Back to the flash-forwards (or should be forward to the flash forwards?) and Kate is on trial of the numerous crimes she committed, before she ran off to Australia. It seems bleak for her, until her Mother visits and demands to see ‘her Grandson’, in exchange for her not testifying against her daughter. Kate is having none of it and Mummy wheels off in a huff. She doesn’t testify anyway, so Kate manages to strike a deal with the prosecution. Think OJ Simpson but with better intentions! After an awkward goodbye with Jack, who can’t bring himself to see ‘her baby’ for some reason, she goes on her way. It’s then we learn that Kate’s son is indeed Aaron.

On the island, Jack and the others return to the beach but they are having trouble getting through to the freighter. When Charlotte rings the mysterious ‘emergency number’ she gets through but learns, that after a day, Frank, Sayid, Desmond and the copse of Naomi had never arrived….

It was another interesting episode that certainly continued the trend of asking more questions than answering them! But that’s what I like about Lost – they are always willing to go into the next mysterious storyline after next. I just hope they (the writers) know what their doing!


Next Time: We learn that Daniel and Charlotte are infact the mysterious Polar Bears that stalk the tropical island! With the way Lost is going – I wouldn’t be surprised!

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