Monday, 19 January 2009

Lost Series 4 Episode 7 - Ji Yeon

We learn the final member of the ‘Oceanic 6’ in this, the seventh episode of series 4 of Lost – Ji Yeon.

This episode is all about Sun, who survives the Island – but is it without her husband Jin? We see flash-forwards of her about to give birth and Jin running around trying to buy a teddy Panda – its all great fun!

Back on the Island, Sun and Jin are debating whether they should join Locke’s camp because Sun doesn’t trust the people from the boat - Dan and Charlotte. Jin agrees but one person who is horrified is Juliet.

With every woman (who was impregnated on the Island) dying, Juliet is worried the same might happen to Sun and her baby, if they don’t get off the Island. Sun is adamant that she’s going to Locke’s camp, so Juliet resorts to desperate measures to keep them at the beach – she tells Jin about Sun’s affair, which she had prior to arriving on the Island.

Even though Jin can’t speak much English, he is rapidly improving and understood her words. He takes off and goes fishing with Bernard. Thankfully, the dentist is a wise old bugger and his advice seems to spark something in Jin, who forgives his wife.

Back to the future and after a scare, Sun has her baby named Ji Yeon (by Jin, on the Island) but her husband is nowhere to be seen. It’s then we learn that the parts with Jin, where infact flashbacks, as he was delivering the Panda to a client. Later, Hurley appears, to have a look at the baby – and to accompany Sun to Jin’s grave.

But that isn’t all that happened in this episode. Back at the boat, Sayid and Desmond meet the Captain who tells them that it was Ben who faked the plane crash and that his employer, Charles Widmore, is interested in getting hold of Ben to know how he did it. Whether or not he is telling the truth, is debatable. The pair are then moved to a new room, where they meet the deckhand, Kevin Johnson. But there is something familiar about this bloke – it’s Michael!

It was another solid episode that gave us some well needed depth for Sun and Jin. The writers are particularly cruel in showing us that Jin could have been alive, as its debatable whether or not Aaron should be counted as part of the ‘6’. But is he really dead? The surprise appearance of Michael was spoiled by the actors name in the credits but I didn’t notice!


Next Time: Locke starts a 'Turf War' with those on the beach - by stealing their golf clubs!

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