Friday, 9 January 2009

The IT Crowd Series 3 Episode 6 - Calendar Geeks

The final episode of series 3 of ‘The IT Crowd’, ‘Calendar Geeks’, upholds the high quality that this series has produced – as Roy takes pictures of almost-naked men, in some of the most incriminating poses you have ever seen!

With Roy always ready to chance his arm with a lady, with never any luck, he sees a great opportunity when he learns that one of lovely girls on the 7th floor has a brother who is ‘boss-eyed’. So he decides to come up with a money-making idea for charity – taking photos of the 7th floor girls, without much clothes on!

Although the girls seem keen, Jen gives Roy the usual crap about equality for women, so Roy is shocked when the girls come up with a new plan – to take naked photos of their Grannies! With there being not enough of the old dears to go around, Roy hits the streets in the name of charity and gets hit himself! Sick is not the word!

With nothing left to impress his lady-friend, Roy reluctantly turns to Moss and his scientific friends, telling them the calendar is a ‘celebration of scientific achievement’. Cue hilarious scenes as Roy hints to the geeks to take their clothes off and bend over in awkward positions! Now that is sick!

Sadly the calendar is a flop but Roy’s lady-friend is impressed that Roy actually went through with it and invites him back. After a minute of fumbling, Roy keeps getting flashbacks of the geeks he photographed and realises he can’t go through with it! Awww poor Roy!

It was a fine episode to round off the series, even if it was Moss-lite! It hasn’t been confirmed but surely this can’t be the last series of The IT Crowd? I believe the writer, Graham Linehan, has hinted at a fourth series. Hopefully there will be – there’s a lot more left in the tank with more of Douglas and the return of Richmond to come!

Overall, this series is up there with the first, as the best. I feel that episode-by-episode, this series is the better but as a series, the introduction if you will, series 1 fits together perfectly.


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Anonymous said...

I never got the impression that Roy came up with the idea for the calendar for the 'boss-eyeds". It seemed very clear that the girls of the 7th floor came up with idea of a 'Girls of the 7th Floor Calendar' and asked Roy to shoot it because he had, lyingly, said he was an amateur photographer. In the end it ends up being a Calendar Geeks, which isn't so enticing as you make it out to be, but it has a lot more to do with Jen trying to keep the girls of the 7th floor from making a degrading calendar. In the end, she wishes she hsd let them all have their own way because of Douglass and his womanizing prefrances. But ou are right, it is a funny sequence of events. Thanks for your post!